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There might be many circumstances that deliver an unexpected large sum of money to your doorstep. Whether it be an inheritance, lottery winnings, tax refund, cash settlement in a lawsuit or any number of scenarios, there is always a tendency to celebrate. In small doses, this is harmless. Before you know it, however, the money is gone and wasted on frivolous expenses. In order to benefit to the fullest from an unexpected cash windfall, your best bet is to get it out of your hands and into a brokerage or savings account.

Research Investment Opportunities
Trends in the economy and financial world change all the time, and it is important to keep up with them if you plan to invest. Playing the stock market or getting involved in real estate can lead to a substantial return on your investment if you play it right. Do not invest in what you don’t know. Do not invest with an amateur startup person. Be conservative. Windfalls seldom, if at all, happen more than once.

When in Doubt, Save Save Save
If most of this is new to you, that’s okay! Balancing risk and reward on investments and other financial commitments can be an intimidating prospect. Before embarking on any of these options, do some research on what best fits your circumstances or speak to a trusted financial advisor. At the end of the day, the best thing to do is to save as much as possible. So when you are not sure how to take your first step, fall back on saving your money while you look how to best use it in the future.

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