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Debt. It’s a four-letter word that can leave you feeling as though you’re drowning on dry land. The weight of your debt follows you throughout your day. Remember, you are not alone, and you are not the only person on earth going through this kind of difficulty.

Debt may leave you afraid to answer the phone because you know it will be creditors looking to intimidate and scare you, which they are well versed in doing. . You might only be making minimum payments on your credit cards, and don’t feel like you are making a dent towards your balance. You might be wondering how you can ever get out of the sea of debt you’ve found yourself in.
The idea of not making payments on your debt may seem to be against the grain of sound intellectual thinking at first. But more often than not, the reality is it’s the first step towards debt freedom and your creditors will never disclose this to you, why should they?

The reason it is necessary to stop paying your credit cards is to send the important initial message letting the creditor(s) know that their best option is to settle the debt, and to get something versus potentially nothing from you. . We’ll work with you to come up with a plan that you’re comfortable with. Of course, you can always continue to make payments to the creditors. However, if your creditors are receiving funds, they have no reason to accept a reduced settlement amount from you, why should they?

Once you’re enrolled, your monthly payment will most likely be less than what you previously paying before you met us. This puts you, versus your creditor, in control because now your monthly payments are affordable while we work to negotiate your debts. There are a couple of things you should expect to happen when you follow this proven strategy.

  • Your creditors will ramp up collection efforts. This means more frequent phone calls. You are not required to answer these phone calls. In fact, we prefer you ignore their calls and allow us to do the negotiating with your creditors for you. This period will not last very long since we employ tactics to minimize or eliminate those calls.
  • Your creditors will initially intimidate you to make payments, because they want you to continually pay the exorbitant amount of interest they’re charging you. It’s all pure profit to the bank. As per a debt collectors script, they will tell you that they don’t work with debt negotiation companies. But they do, all the time. They are not being truthful with you when they tell you this. Why should they be?
  • Your credit score will take an initial hit. So? Remember, you have a debt problem, not a credit problem. We solve debt problems. The goal here is for the long game and your credit score will improve over time as you settle these debts and achieve a paid status. Fix your debt problem first, then you will see your credit problem fix itself, providing that you keep your non-enrolled bills current. May seem like a miracle. But it’s not.

Debt negotiation is a skill, you CANNOT do it yourself. It takes time and experience to complete every negotiation. It might be scary for those going through it the first time, but we believe we can help you find relief from an overwhelming debt situation without resorting to bankruptcy.

Stay the course. We have years of experience with dealing with creditors . All YOU have to do is simply stay the course for the estimated number of months that we’ve worked out with you and we will do what we said we would do. We have succeeded thousands of times for thousands of clients exactly like you.

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